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Our Comedy Podcasts to Learn English

fun podcasts to learn English with dictations

Our podcasts to learn English are released every week. They are dictations designed for adults to learn English while laughing and having fun.

These dictations are for learners of the English language with an intermediate or advanced level.

For subscribers on our Patreon website, they get an extra dictation every week.

How can I learn English with the podcasts?

The podcasts are designed to help improve pronunciation and listening comprehension, which is the main part of communication. If you have an intermediate or advanced level of English, you probably know most of the grammar and need to listen as much as possible to improve your listening comprehension. You can do this by with our fun English dictations.

The instructions for using the podcasts as dictations are:

You’ll also find some older longer podcasts, which you can use for passive listening, or as English dictations for more advanced levels.

How Can I Use the English Dictations?

  1. Listen and try and write everything you hear at the same time as you listen.
  2. The dictation is repeated twice, so don’t worry if you don’t get everything the first time.
  3. After listening twice, read the transcript (the text).
  4. If you understood anything different to what was said, it is probably because you misunderstood the word because of your listening comprehension. Write this word AND the word that you understood in a book for pronunciation. Find the phonetics of the word in an online dictionary such as Cambridge.
  5. If there are any words that you don’t understand when reading, these are new words to learn as vocabulary. Write them down using sentences in a book that you have for vocabulary.
  6. Listen again, don’t look at the text and see if you understand some of the words that you wrote down in your book for pronunciation.
  7. Practice the words in your book another week.

Where can I listen to the podcast?

You can find the podcasts on all major podcast / music streaming websites.
Either search for Chuckle English podcast or click one of the following buttons:

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Spotify podcast

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