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S1E6 – Learn English with Crazy Stories – I was Sold for a Camel

Learn English with Crazy Stories

She wanted to enjoy her holiday with her husband.
He had other ideas…
Find out in today’s Learn English with Crazy Stories!

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It’s taken me a long time to get to this moment. A long time to be able to get to a computer to tell my story. It’s taken a long time to be able to tell my story. The story of when I was sold for some camels. A life I didn’t accept out of choice. But, now I’m ready…
I was happy in my twenties and mostly single. That changed when I met him, Jason. At first, the relationship started great. It was the type of love that you dream of. The type of love that you see in the movies. However, cracks started to appear when Jason got a big promotion in the city. He would arrive home every night stressed and would go straight to bed, we wouldn’t kiss or hug. My relationship was more like a relationship with a fish. You could see it sometimes, but couldn’t touch. If I did touch it, it would get angry and want to be left alone.
I knew that Jason didn’t want this life. I didn’t blame him. He was just stressed, that’s all. I knew… well, I thought that he still loved me. On the few occasions that we did speak, he talked about wanting to leave the rat-race and have a more simpler life, he often mentioned having a farm and looking after animals. I thought he was joking. I thought he just needed time and he would eventually get a better job in the city where he could have more free time. I was wrong.
I decided that we needed a holiday to try and save our relationship, for us to show each other that we still loved each other, to show each other that there was something alive below the stress.
I’ve always wanted to travel to North Africa, places like Tunisia and Morocco. The culture has always fascinated me whenever I’d seen it in the movies. So, one day I went online and just booked it. A two week holiday travelling around those countries. Jason, didn’t really want to go, he said he had too much work and preferred somewhere slower, like Southern Europe. I couldn’t cancel the tickets, so we decided to go anyway.
All was going well, at first… We didn’t speak on the plane, but it was better than arguing. The hotel was beautiful; we enjoyed a relaxing first few days. I was waiting for Jason to finish a work call one day, when I noticed a leaflet on the hotel counter for camel rides. Camels look so cute! Their big eyes and funny humps. I booked it!
Jason didn’t want to go at first, but after I told him that we would be alone and free in the dessert and would be able to do anything we wanted, his eyes lit up.
The camels weren’t as nice as I hoped. They smelt really bad, kept making strange noises and seemed to need to go to the bathroom every minute, usually right in front of you! Jason looked happy for once. Half-way on the trip, we were taking a break in a small deserted village. Jason whispered to me and told me to come with him quietly. I thought, finally, the old Jason is coming back to me; he wants to do something sexy behind those old buildings. I was wrong.
He told me to not look and turn around, so, I turned around hoping he would surprise me from behind. But, then I heard something. So, I looked and it was Jason holding an axe! He was going to kill me! Luckily, he couldn’t do it. He started crying and saying he was sorry. I didn’t know what to think, so we decided to go back to the hotel.
Jason went to pay the camel owners. He seemed to stay there talking with them a long time. They kept looking at me. I was worried. Eventually, Jason came over and said “goodbye”. I responded by saying that while the relationship is over we still will be on the same flight back to the UK. He then said that he would be travelling alone. I will never forget the way he then explained that he had sold me to the camel owner. I couldn’t believe it! I’d be sold for some camels! I ran to the hotel and asked them to call the police. They did. The police arrived and talked to the hotel translator and to the camel owner. They told me that the camel owner had a contract signed by my husband and I was now the property of the camel owner. There was no escape! My life was coming to an end, or so I thought.
Five years later, I’m still with Dagreb, the camel owner. He’s a bit older than I’m used to. But I’m happy being looked after. Also, Dagreb speaks to me, I still don’t understand a word he says, but it sounds nice. The only issue is that Dagreb has bought some new camels. I wish I could tell him that they can’t sleep in the bedroom. I have to mop the floor every day!

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