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S1E41 – Quick Dictations – Husband Buys Dinosaur for Garden

Episode Notes

A new weekly dictation to help learners of the English language to improve their listening comprehension.

How to use:

  1. Don’t look at the transcript (text) below.
  2. Listen to the podcast (the dictation is repeated twice) and try to write everything you hear down.
  3. Check your text with the text of the dictation. If any word is different, it is probably a listening comprehension mistake. Try to listen again to the word and repeat the pronunciation a few times. If you don’t understand the word when you read it; it is probably new vocabulary.
  4. Listen to the dictation again. You should understand some of the words that you didn’t understand before.


A husband was asked by his wife to improve their garden. She asked him to clear the weeds and maybe put a gnome on the patio. Adrian, 52, decided to buy a 3.5m replica of a T-Rex. He thought that nothing would look better than a big replica of a T-Rex. He bought the dinosaur for £1,600 from a company in Wales. They needed a crane to lift it into the garden. The neighbours loved it. After arriving late from work, his wife, Deborah, got the fright of her life when she opened the curtains the next morning to see the big dinosaur looking at her.

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