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S1E35 – Learn English with Celebrity Interviews – Marco Polo

Episode Notes

Learn English with Celebrity Interviews

Our interview travels through time interviewing famous historical people. Unfortunately, his time-machine only allows him to ask 5 questions.

Today, he travels to the 13th century to meet Marco Polo, just after his return to Europe

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  • Interviewer: Welcome to Quick History Interviews; the show where we travel in time and ask 5 questions to someone famous
  • Today, we’ve travelled a long way back in time, to the 13th century to meet Marco Antonio Polo, as he returns home after a long journey.
  • Interviewer: Nice to meet you Mr Polo!
  • Polo: Thank you strange man! Call me Marco! Let’s not be so formal about this!
  • Interviewer: But I like to call you Polo, because it reminds me of the car.
  • Polo: What is a car?
  • Interviewer: It’s like a carriage. There is one named after you by the Volkswagen company!
  • Polo: What a strange name! I will have to buy one of these ‘cars’!
  • Interviewer: Anyway, to my questions. You started your long journey as a teenager at 17. What motivated you to explore the world?
  • Polo: Well, I was fed-up of being at home and my father asking me to do the cleaning all the time. He always used to get angry with me for playing my music too loud in my room!
  • Interviewer: Playing music in your room?! Records and record players didn’t exist back then.
  • Polo: Back when?
  • Interviewer: I mean now.
  • Polo: I have no idea what a record player is. It sounds interesting, is it a person who will change your government records for a bit of money?
  • Interviewer: Not exactly. I mean, how did you have music in your room?
  • Polo: Like everyone else. I invited the local harp and flute band to play in my room. They usually stayed in my room a long time, because it’s difficult to take a harp up and down stairs. Anyway, that was your second question!
  • Interviewer: You still haven’t answered my first question.
  • Polo: Yes, I know. One thing, how are you going to pay me for this interview?
  • Interviewer: Is money ok? I have paper money from a strange foreign land. Is that Ok?
  • Polo: But, I thought I was the first man to bring paper money to Europe! Yes, I can accept that. By the way, that was your third question.
  • Interviewer: That’s not fair! Please answer my first question. Why did you start your journey?
  • Polo: Ok. Well, my father was angry with me and he made me do the washing up after every meal! I was so angry that I decided to go for a walk, a long walk. The truth is that I got lost.
  • Interviewer: You got lost and finished in China?
  • Polo: Yep.
  • Interviewers: All of these adventures were because you got lost as a teenager?
  • Polo: Yes, that’s right!
  • Interviewer: You got lost and ended up in China?
  • Polo: Yes, I got lost!
  • Interviewer: Wow! Next question: What is the most unusual thing you saw on your adventures!
  • Polo: I saw a real-life unicorn! People think they are magical creatures, but the reality is, that they are filthy things!
  • Interviewer: You saw unicorns? Can you describe them to me?
  • Polo: Sure. They have black horns on their heads. They are ugly with feet like elephants.
  • Interviewer: That sounds like a rhinoceros.
  • Polo: No, they were unicorns.
  • Interviewer: Did they have the head like a…
  • Polo: wild boar? Yes!
  • Interviewer: That’s definitely a rhinoceros
  • Polo: I think I know what a unicorn is!
  • Interviewer: Have you ever seen a rhinoceros?
  • Polo: You said 5 questions! That is your 6th question! I don’t have to answer it!
  • Interviewer: Just answer me. Do you know the difference between a unicorn and rhinoceros?
  • Polo: Sorry, no more questions. That’s the deal!
  • Interviewer: Just that last one!
  • Polo: I can’t hear you! La-la-la!
  • Interviewer: Mr Polo! This is not behaviour I would expect from someone like you!
  • Polo: Sorry, I can’t hear you! Anyway, tomorrow I have a trip to Venice and have to pass near Genoa. I hope Genoa and Venice finally have peace!
  • Interviewer: Actually, there are still a lot of problems between them.
  • Polo: Sorry, I can’t here you! I’ve visited China, the Mongol empire, but you are one of the strangest people I’ve ever met.
  • Interviewer: Thank you!
  • Polo: Not a compliment. Goodbye
  • Interviewer: Ok! Goodbye then! And that’s the end. It’s time for me to return to the present. Goodbye!

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