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S1E34 – Quick Dictations – What do ducks do?

Episode Notes

A new weekly dictation to help learners of the English language to improve their listening comprehension.

How to use:

  1. Don’t look at the transcript (text) below.
  2. Listen to the podcast (the dictation is repeated twice) and try to write everything you hear down.
  3. Check your text with the text of the dictation. If any word is different, it is probably a listening comprehension mistake. Try to listen again to the word and repeat the pronunciation a few times. If you don’t understand the word when you read it; it is probably new vocabulary.
  4. Listen to the dictation again. You should understand some of the words that you didn’t understand before.


I find animals very curious. For example, ducks! What do ducks do in their free time? I don’t know! When you go to the park, they come over to you and are all happy. You throw them your bread. They eat and they are all happy! Then you leave and where do they go? Because they’re not eating bread when nobody is in the park! It must be one of the biggest mysteries of life, like; do jellyfish taste of jelly? You can never find these things out! So, what do ducks do? I wish they’d invent some kind of secret camera to record the ducks and we could see what they do! –

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