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S1E29 – Learn English with Celebrity Interviews – Vincent Van Gogh

Episode Notes

Learn English with Celebrity Interviews

Our interview travels through time interviewing famous historical people. Unfortunately, his time-machine only allows him to ask 5 questions.

Today, he travels to the 1970’s to meet John Lennon. In a moment when John Lennon is experiencing writers-block

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Interviewer: Welcome to Quick History Interviews. The show where we travel in time to meet people from our history. However, our time-machine only gives us time to ask 5 questions.
Today, we travel to the Netherlands. To meet one of the most troubled yet intense painters in history, Vincent Van Gogh. We meet him near the end of his life.
Interviewer: Mr Van Gogh, or can I call you Vincent?
VG: No, call me Mr VG.
Interviewer: Ok, Mr VG. Let’s get right to the most famous part of your life, your ear. Why did you cut it off?
VG: Famous, I am famous in the future?! I have only ever sold one painting, which was 7 months ago. Now, I’m sick. I’m in bed. But now with this information, I can die peacefully! When do I die?
Interviewer: Well, you will sell a lot more paintings after you die. The date of your death is recorded as… Hey! Wait a minute! I ask the questions in this interview! So, about the ear! Why did you cut it off?
VG: You just mentioned that I will sell many paintings after I die. That means I’ve achieved my goal! I’ve always been depressed throughout my life. But, now, finally, I can be happy and at peace with myself. Do you know, I actually went to an asylum after I cut off my ear…?
Interviewer: Yes, about your ear, what was the reason?
VG: Well, firstly, as I was saying, in that Asylum, in my worst moment I created my favourite painting. I called Starry Bright!
Interviewer: Starry Bright? I thought it was called Starry Night, wasn’t it?
VG: Starry Night! Thank you. That is a much better name for my painting. Anyway, I was in the Asylum and I just thought to myself that I’m a failure; I had never sold a painting in my life. But to know that my paintings will sell is great!
Interviewer: I shouldn’t have told you that information. Anyway, can you answer my question about your ear, please?
VG: Yes, Do you know that I painted 900 paintings in 10 years. Sometimes, they were so spontaneous. I would like to know how many of my paintings were sold, all of them.
Interviewer: Well, unfortunately, a lot of your paintings were lost, as the people you gave them to thought they were worthless.
VG: Really? I feel bad again.
Interviewer: Please, don’t. You are considered as one of the most famous painters in history, some of your paintings are displayed in wonderful galleries around the world. But, just let me ask you at least one question before I go. Why did you cut off your ear?
VG: Actually, I only cut part of my ear off, just the lobe.
Interviewer: and why was that?
VG: I’m afraid you have asked more than 5 questions. It is time to finish this interview and time for you to go.
Interviewer: Wait! Did you answer any of my questions?
VG: That is another question. I’ll tell you what. I’ll write the answer on a note and I’ll leave it hidden on the back of that painting called Starry Night. All you have to do in the future is find the painting and open up the back of the frame to find the answer.
Interviewer: Really? But, it’s in an art gallery. One of the most famous paintings in history, visited by millions of visitors! There is no way I can take the back off the painting to look for a hidden note.
VG: One of the most famous paintings in history! Wow! Thanks for that extra piece of information. I feel so happy, so full of energy, so alive…
Interviewer: Really?
VG: Yes! Wow, it’s an amazing feeling! Well, now it’s gone. I feel tired and sick again.
Interview: Sorry. Anyway, please just answer the question…
VG: Ok, I cut of my earlobe because I’m very bad at shaving! Have you noticed that in all my paintings I have a beard? Now go away
Interviewer: Well, thanks for answering my question and goodbye!
VG: Goodbye! Now Go!
Interviewer: It is time for me to return to the future in my time-machine.

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