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S1E21 – Learn English with Celebrity Interviews – Marilyn Monroe

Episode Notes

Learn English with Celebrity Interviews

Our interview travels through time interviewing famous historical people. Unfortunately, his time-machine only allows him to ask 5 questions.

Today, he travels to the 1950’s to interview the blonde bombshell herself, Marilyn Monroe.

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– Interviewer: Welcome to Quick History Interviews. The show where we travel in time and ask 5 questions to someone famous.
– Today, we’ve travelled to the USA. To meet the blonde bombshell of the 1950’s, Marilyn Monroe.
– Interviewer: Mrs Monroe, nice to meet you.
– MM: Call me Miss. Nice to meet you!
– Interviewer: Ok, let’s get to the questions. Your real name was Norma. Why did you change it to Marilyn?
– MM: Well, to be honest, I think that to get somewhere in Hollywood as a woman, you need a name. I thought that Norma was a bit too normal, if you get what I mean!
– Interviewer: To many, you are seen as the definite sex symbol. What is your opinion on this?
– MM: Well, it is easy to give labels to people. I did not create nor do I call myself a sex symbol. That was given to me by a male orientated world. Can’t a girl look glamorous and also be talented. I have talents, I can act, I can sing and also I can balance an egg on my nose.
– Interviewer: Really?
– MM: yes, for one minute. By the way, that is question 3!
– Interviewer: Damn! Can you balance anything else on your nose?
– MM: No, that would be ridiculous. I’m a dedicated woman and it took me years of practice to be able to balance an egg on my nose. By the way, that was your fourth question! Are you getting a bit hot under the collar talking to an international sex symbol?
– Interviewer: No, you are a very beautiful woman, but, I’m fine. I’m ready to ask you the next question about your melons…
– MM: My melons?
– Interview: I mean your coconuts… No! I mean about your life!
– MM: Well, go ahead…Mr. Interviewer.
– Interviewer: You often refer to Marilyn Monroe in the third-person. Why is this? Do you have schizophrenia?
– MM: Well, I’ve never told anyone this publically. But, Marilyn for me is a character. Like that mouse, what is his name?
– Interviewer: Mickey Mouse?
– MM: Yes! Mickey Mouse is just a character, but when he gets home, he’s probably a different person, maybe he’s really sweet, and maybe he’s a bad person. But Mickey Mouse is only his character.
– Interviewer: But Mickey Mouse is fictional…
– MM: Exactly!
– Interviewer: Right! What? So you are comparing yourself to a fictional cartoon, aren’t you?
– MM: Well, I see Marilyn as an image, maybe she doesn’t live in a cartoon world, maybe she doesn’t have a girlfriend called Minnie or wear giant big white gloves, but she is a character for the cameras. I can switch her on and off like that.
– Interviewer: Like what?
– MM: Like that!
– Interviewer: Sorry, like what?
– MM: Like…that!
– Interviewer: But, you do know that Mickey Mouse doesn’t exist in the real world, that he… or it is a fictional drawn cartoon character, don’t you?
– MM: I’m afraid you’re all out of questions Mr President. I mean Mr Interviewer.
– Interviewer: Well, Marilyn Monroe it has been nice to look at you. I mean to talk to you.
– MM: Thank you. I have one question for you. You are from the future, right?
– Interviewer: Yes, that is true.
– MM: So you know about the future of Marilyn Monroe. I mean my future, right?
– Interviewer: Yes…
– MM: Well, in the future will I have a long life and marry President Kennedy?
– Interviewer: Sorry, my time is up. I have to go before the time-machine leaves without me.
– MM: Just say yes or no!
– Interviewer: I really have to go.
– MM: Working with Mickey Mouse was never this difficult!
– Interviewer: Bye!

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