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S1E11 – Learn English with Crazy Stories – I Became Elton John

Learn English with Crazy Stories

She didn’t feel like a beautiful woman.
But one day she find who she was supposed to be.
Find out in today’s Learn English with Crazy Stories!

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I grew up with people always calling me beautiful. I had long black hair, big legs and an hour-glass figure. People called me beautiful, but I didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel like that sexy young lady that looked back at me in the mirror. I wanted to be someone else.
I was sad in high-school, guys tried to chat me up but I kept to myself, lunch by myself, I even danced with myself at the end of year dance. I noticed guys where looking at me in that dress all night. But I just wanted to get it off, but not for sexual reasons.
When I was 16 I discovered men’s wigs. Wigs for men who are going bald. I thought they were really cool. So, one day, I skipped school and went to town. I bought a toupee with my pocket money. It was little, but that didn’t matter, I just wanted to get home and wear it, but I couldn’t, my brother was home. So I hid it under my bed and waited.
It was hard waiting for the moment to be alone and try on that wig, but eventually it came. It was a Saturday, my mother took my brother to a football game and I decided that was my moment to wear the wig. I slowly removed it from the box, I felt nervous. I then put it on. In that moment, I had begun to discover who I was.
I eventually got the confidence to wear it in front of my family and at school. People didn’t understand and thought it was just a phase. But, I kept that wig on. Unfortunately, I was bullied because of it. One day, I was walking home when some girls attacked me. They left me on the ground crying. I needed someone. I then looked up and saw an angel, a face, the face. It was a poster on the wall with a face looking down at me. I read the writing under the picture. it said, “Elton John”. I felt that I was looking into a mirror of my own future. I wanted to be him, the angel who helped me.
Over the next few years I started to dress like him, long suits with bright colours and shiny parts. My family thought I was a lesbian.
My mother eventually asked me if I was a lesbian. I told her that I wasn’t. She was relieved…for a moment. I then told her I want to be Elton John. She said it was ok if I wanted to dress like Elton John, it is only fashion. She didn’t understand. I then told her again that I wanted to BE Elton John. It took her some time to understand, but she’s always been there for me.
Since then, the transformation has progressed from fashion to physical changes. I’ve cut my hair off at the back and the top and wear an old man’s wig. I’ve had a breast reduction. I’ve even been to South-East Asia to get my legs shortened with surgery.
The best part is that I can eat a lot as I want to have the same size tummy as him. I don’t think of myself as a boy or girl anymore, I think of myself as an Elton John angel.
Sometimes, people make comments and do insult me. But, I know that when I look in the mirror that rocket man is there, looking back at me to help me feel good again.
What is the next stage? I would like to learn how to play the piano.

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