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Improve Your Spoken English

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Episode Notes

Thank you for listening and subscribing and support me with your donations.
I want to quickly tell you about a new service that I have craeated to help you improve your spoken English.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find the time to practice. It can also be difficult to find a good teacher who will tell you exactly how to improve your spoken English.
That’s why I have a new service that you can use any time you want to practice your speaking.

Just record yourself speaking for a couple of minutes, it can be 5 minutes or en 10. Then send it to me over the Fiverr website (Link shown below)

I’ll give you useful feedback on your sentence structure, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.
Improve your English by talking about subjects that are personally or professional interesting to you!
Talk about yourself, your holidays, practice a work presentation, talk about the news, practice a job interview, or whatever motivates you!

Thanks for listening.

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