Siôn puppet english teachersHi, my name is Siôn, and I’m an experienced native English teacher from Wales, UK.

I have been teaching English for 15 years in Spain, mostly to adults and have seen the good and the bad in English teaching.

What has made me the most disappointed over the last 15 years, are the endless amounts of boring academic text books, CDs and videos for learning English, which are incredible boring!  Many students have told me how they’ve listened to CD’s from the books they have in their language schools and have eventually given up.

Why do they give up?

They give up, because when you are listening to something that you are not really interested in, your brain switches off, you’re not really interested in it, you are not pushing yourself to try to understand it.  In the end, most of these books, CD’s and videos on YouTube, actually end up being demotivational.

When something is fun, you don’t realize you are learning!

When you are listening or watching something that is fun, funny or interesting, that is when you motivate yourself.  That is, you want to understand it, so you push yourself and push your listening comprehension to try to understand it.   As a teacher, who loves to be funny and has a big creative side, that is why I decided to create something fun for adults who are learning English!

I am an individual that is trying to mix his knowledge of teaching English with his creativity and love for comedy.

I hope to continue to build Chuckle English into something big.  As I mentioned,  I am just one person, so I appreciate any support that you can give me in exchange for my dictations, videos and tips.  If I can get enough support, I’ll be able to work on producing more and more content for Chuckle English on a full-time basis.

You can support by subscribing to my Patreon page, where you’ll get a lot of extras to help you learn English for your support.